WooCommerce to Shopify Migration Services

Transitioning from WooCommerce to Shopify has never been easier. Our specialized migration services ensure your store moves swiftly, maintaining all functionalities and improving your SEO strategy. With a focus on preserving your store’s integrity and enhancing the customer experience, we provide a smooth migration path that caters to your business needs. Step into a world of streamlined operations and increased sales with Shopify.

WooCommerce to Shopify Migration Services

Seamlessly Migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify

Our service guarantees a hassle-free migration, ensuring a smooth transition of your essential data, including products, orders, and customers. We prioritize the integrity of your data during the transfer process. Our team excels in hosting solutions, development, customization, and integration, making your move to Shopify seamless. With our expert guidance, your store will be up and running on Shopify quickly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a superior e-commerce platform without the stress. Trust us to streamline your online business’s evolution with a straightforward migration path.

Seamlessly Migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify

WooCommerce to Shopify Migration Services We Offer

Data Migration

We ensure a secure and complete transfer of your store's products, orders, and customer information to Shopify.

SEO Preservation

Our experts meticulously migrate and optimize your SEO settings to preserve your search engine rankings on Shopify.

Customization Services

We customize your Shopify storefront to embody your brand's identity and meet your specific operational requirements.

Integration Assistance

Our team seamlessly integrates your Shopify store with vital apps and tools, enhancing its functionality and efficiency.

Post-Migration Support

Count on us for continuous support post-migration, ensuring your Shopify store operates flawlessly at all times.

Training and Consultation

We provide comprehensive training and consultation, enabling you to leverage Shopify's features for your business's success.

Migratable Data From WooCommerce to Shopify

Multiple Languages
CMS Page

Our Process for WooCommerce to Shopify Migration


SNS case study
SNS Health

Witness a staggering 140% increase in organic orders. Our strategic SEO for SNS Health, a leading e-commerce platform in vitamins and supplements, catalyzed unprecedented sales growth. Experience the power of expert optimization with OyeCommerz.

Fit Life Fusion
Fit Life Fusion

OyeCommerz empowered Fit Life Fusion's health and lifestyle hub through Shopify migration and app development, creating an immersive, performance-driven platform that catalyzed remarkable sales growth.

Cannabis Crest
Cannabis Crest

OyeCommerz infused vitality into Cannabis Crest, a thriving online cannabis hub, by enhancing the user experience through Shopify migration, maintenance services and custom app development.

Retro Jewels
Retro Jewels

Retro Jewels was diligently created and improved by OyeCommerz using Shopify migration and app development, Shopify auditing, and Shopify consulting services.

Why choose Us?

Expert Migration Specialists

OyeCommerz boasts a team of dedicated migration specialists who ensure a seamless transition from WooCommerce to Shopify. Our experts handle every detail, guaranteeing a smooth, error-free migration process tailored to your business needs.

Customized Strategy​

OyeCommerz boasts a team of dedicated migration specialists who ensure a seamless transition from WooCommerce to Shopify. Our experts handle every detail, guaranteeing a smooth, error-free migration process tailored to your business needs.

Post-Migration Support​

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the migration. OyeCommerz provides comprehensive post-migration support and maintenance, helping you navigate Shopify's platform and optimize your new store for maximum performance and sales.

Time-Efficient Migration

We value your time. Our streamlined migration process is designed to minimize downtime, ensuring your store transitions to Shopify quickly and efficiently. We work diligently to get your store up and running on the new platform with minimal disruption.

Data Integrity and Security

At OyeCommerz, we prioritize the safety of your business data above all else. Our meticulous migration protocols safeguard your data's integrity, ensuring the secure transfer of product information, customer details, and transaction history.

SEO Continuity Assurance

Transitioning platforms can affect SEO rankings. We at OyeCommerz prioritizes SEO continuity, employing best practices to maintain your search engine presence during and after the migration process, so your store remains visible and competitive.

Why Shift From WooCommerce To Shopify?

Simplified Store Operations

Shopify's platform is incredibly user-friendly, offering a clean, intuitive interface that makes online store management straightforward, even for those with no technical background.

Robust Security Protocols

Shopify provides peace of mind with top-tier, built-in security features, including automatic updates and PCI compliance, ensuring your store and customer data remain secure.

Seamless Scalability Options

Shopify grows with your business, offering scalable solutions that support increasing traffic and sales, without the need for complex technical adjustments or overhauls.

Extensive App Integration

With Shopify's vast app marketplace, you can easily enhance your store's functionality, from marketing to inventory management, all integrated seamlessly within your dashboard.

Migrate to Shopify At Lightening Speed with Our Help

Upgrade or Migrate to Shopify Plus
Migrate to Shopify At Lightening Speed

Engagement Models We Support

Full Project Outsourcing

Entrust your entire project to us for a hassle-free migration experience. Our team manages all aspects, delivering a comprehensive solution that aligns with your e-commerce vision and goals.

Co-Managed Team Extension

Enhance your team's capabilities with our skilled experts. This model fosters a synergistic partnership, blending our proficiency with your in-house strategies for a collaborative migration journey.

Dedicated Resource Allocation

Select this model for exclusive expert focus on your migration. Our dedicated professionals commit their full attention to your project, ensuring meticulous execution and exceptional results.

Time and Material Model

Adapt to project fluidity with our Time and Material model. Pay only for resources utilized, offering you the flexibility to adjust scope and scale as your migration needs evolve.

Our WooCommerce to Shopify Migration Packages

Basic Migration Package

$ 1800-2300
  • Migration of up to 20 pages.
  • Data export from WooCommerce.
  • Import products, images, and content into Shopify
  • Basic theme setup (based on a free or customer-provided theme).
  • Basic SEO setup (page titles and meta descriptions).
  • One round of revisions.
  • 1-2 weeks

Standard Migration Package

$ 3500-5000
  • Migration of up to 50 pages.
  • Data export from WooCommerce.
  • Import products, images, and content into Shopify.
  • Custom theme development or modifications.
  • Advanced SEO setup (structured data, redirects).
  • Setting up payment gateways and tax configurations.
  • Integration with essential apps.
  • Two rounds of revisions.
  • 3-5 weeks

Premium Migration Package

$ 7000-10000
  • Migration of unlimited pages.
  • Comprehensive data export from WooCommerce.
  • Import and organization of products, images, and content.
  • Fully customized theme and branding.
  • Complete SEO setup (structured data, redirects, advanced optimizations).
  • Payment gateways, tax configurations, and shipping setup.
  • Advanced app integrations (CRM, marketing tools, etc.).
  • Testing and quality assurance.
  • Ongoing support for 1 month post-migration.
  • 6-10 weeks

What Our Clients Say About Us

We entrusted OyeCommerz with the task of migrating our e-commerce site from WooCommerce to Shopify, and they exceeded our expectations. Their expertise in handling product data, SEO, and design ensured a seamless transition. OyeCommerz delivered on their promises, and we’re thrilled with the outcome.  

JOhn SMith
Client of OyeCommerz 3

100+ Client reviews

Woocommerce and Shopify – Statistics, Growth, and Trends

WooCommerce, powering 6.3 million websites globally with a dominant 39% market share in e-commerce, made over $20 billion in sales in 2020. It offers extensive customization with 4,600+ free and 1,400+ premium plugins, alongside 1,600+ free and 1,400+ premium themes. However, Shopify hosts over 4.6 million websites and 2 million merchants, making it the leading e-commerce solution globally and the second most popular CMS after WordPress. Shopify earned $7.06 billion in revenue in 2023, handling a GMV of over $175 billion. With over 15 million orders monthly and a robust app ecosystem of 8,000+ apps, Shopify excels in scalability and support for online businesses

Other Shopify Migration Services We Offer

WordPress to Shopify Migration

Transition your WordPress store to Shopify with a focus on data integrity and a seamless user experience.

Shopware to Shopify Migration

Move from Shopware to Shopify effortlessly, ensuring a smooth transfer of your e-commerce assets and functionalities.

Squarespace to Shopify Migration

Shift your Squarespace site to Shopify, enhancing your store's capabilities with robust e-commerce tools and features.

BigCommerce to Shopify Migration

Migrate from BigCommerce to Shopify, leveraging our expertise for a quick, reliable, and comprehensive store transfer.

Magento to Shopify Migration

Switch from Magento to Shopify with ease, enjoying a streamlined process that prioritizes your business continuity.

FAQs about WooCommerce to Shopify Migration

Looking to learn more about WooCommerce to Shopify Migration for your business? Browse our FAQs:

OyeCommerz specializes in seamless migrations, with a track record of successful transitions. Our expertise, comprehensive support, and dedication to your success set us apart. 

The duration of the migration process depends on the complexity of your e-commerce site and specific requirements. We provide estimated timelines during the initial consultation phase. 

We ensure the seamless transfer of customer data, product listings, and order history from WooCommerce to Shopify, so you won’t lose any essential information. 


Yes, we take data security seriously. OyeCommerz employs stringent security protocols to safeguard your data throughout the migration process. 

Yes, we offer ongoing support and advisory services post-migration. We’re here to address any questions or concerns and provide guidance to help you succeed in your new Shopify environment. 

To get started, simply reach out to us through our website or contact our team. We’ll schedule an initial consultation to discuss your specific needs and provide you with a tailored migration plan.